Thursday, July 18, 2019



By Mustapha Jallow

Madam Tina Faal, a former nominated National Assembly Member (NAM), who was detained at Mile Two prison after having TINA FAALbeen granted bail by the magistrate’s court, is said to be released on bail again on 22 August, 2016, according to a close family source.

According to the source, it was the Inspector General of Police (IGP) that authorized for the release of Madam Faal to continue with her bail.

Madam Faal is said to be a member of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), a newly formed political party.

It could be recalled that Madam Faal was earlier arraigned before Principal Magistrate Omar Cham of the lower court in Banjul and granted court bail on 1 August 2016. While on bail, she was re-arrested on 8 August 2016 and taken to the central prison and detained for 12 days before her release on Monday. During the course of her detention, she was taken to court on two occasions but the case could not proceed as the trial magistrate was indisposed due to ill health.


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