Reasons are not given why ministers are appointed or removed. The fact that they are returned tends to give the impression that they are appointed and removed according to the whims and caprices of the executive. To avoid such uncertainty and inconsistency is the reason why the amendment to the present Constitution or the drafting of a new one should ensure parliamentary oversight of Cabinet appointments and Parliamentary scrutiny of removals and re-appointments. To avoid having square pegs in round holes, the Constitution has indicated under Section 72 that: “The Vice-President and Ministers shall be responsible for such Departments of State or other business of the Government as the President may assign to them. In making such assignments, the President shall have regard to the desirability of ensuring that such responsibilities are entrusted to competent persons with relevant qualifications or experience.” If the President is adhering to such dictum, then why should there be frequency in removing and reappointing the same persons as ministers. Something is wrong somewhere and the nation is owed an explanation to understand the conduct of the executive on ministerial appointments.  ]]>

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