every religious ceremony of all the religions those who undertake to pray for the state and the nation would also remind those in positions of authority the plight of prisoners and those in exile so that prerogative would be exercised to release those who are in prison for any form of rehabilitation. Many Gambians are currently under detention without trial and could have been released to spend EID with their families. This would have been in line with law and the spirit of humanity. Influential personalities should always try and persuade those in authority to exercise restraint in using the might of the state. Many countries are now introducing community services in order to serve prison sentences so as to reduce congestion in prisons, improve prison conditions and make prison budgets sustainable. There are many Gambians abroad who could invest in many sectors of the Gambian economy if given the opportunity. After 20 years, the country should begin to open up for any citizen to come back. The country needs respectable wise men and women who may not be politically affiliated but are keen to give good advice to power so that any willing leader would be able to temper authority with magnanimity to do what the vast majority would appreciate at each given time. Whether the advice is taken or not is not the issue. Just give the advice and leave history to report on the outcome. Posterity would take the deeds of each into account.  ]]>

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