Inducement and intimidation are the instruments of those who do not respect or uphold democratic principles and values.

Those who truly uphold democratic principles and values would conduct civic education and put their views to the people to win their confidence and support. Such people would not perpetrate violence or induce others. Political patrons must rely on ignorance or greed to induce or intimidate the electorate to win their support.

Hence violence is a byproduct of a political system where votes could be acquired by exploiting an electorate who are kept in the dark by ignorance and poverty. Poverty and ignorance are the worst enemies of democracy and free and fair elections. Wherever there is ignorance there is fertile ground to be exploited by political patrons who have no interest in serving the people.

We must combat poverty and ignorance in order to nurture democratic values and institutions. All democratic minded people should combat intimidation and inducement in politics and nurture the minds and hearts which are capable of embracing and making informed choice.

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