Tuesday, July 23, 2019



The National Assembly has now been convened under a new situation of the country. The debate which has started proves that it will never be business as usual. The first debate dealt with the constitutionality of the proceedings.

The member for Serrekunda questioned the Chief Justice who presided over the opening session whether the proclamation for the holding of the first sitting of the national assembly was published in the gazette, which gives him legal authority to preside over the proceeding.

He declined to answer the question posed and passed it on to the Clerk of the National Assembly who claimed that he is not aware of any constitutional provision which made the publication of the proclamation of the executive mandatory. Halifa Sallah insisted that any proclamation from the executive is required by law to be published in the gazette before it becomes law. According to Halifa Sallah it is unconstitutional to observe any proclamation that is not published in the gazette. This debate was unsettled. The Chief Justice simply said that his point is noted.

Foroyaa will seek more clarification on this matter after been informed at a press conference to be held by noon today by Mr Sallah. The debate continues as the country opens up for more transparency and accountability in governance.


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