Without debate, only one side is heard. The other side is never heard. One must have a one sided opinion of things.

The Youth Parliament is now providing opportunity for divergent views and dissenting opinions to be heard over the media. This will enable the Gambian people who are objective minded to listen to divergent views and dissenting opinions. They need encouragement.

Taranga FM started a similar programme. However, the station is undergoing many difficulties because of the trial of its managing director. It is doing its best to keep the people informed of daily occurrences. It has not been able to initiate its past programme of inviting political figures to debate issues on national development.

…FM and the community radio stations are doing their best to open up to political leaders to address national issues.

It is therefore important for the citizenry, especially the youth, to follow the debates very keenly.

The presenters of the programmes should also move to the local languages to enable the larger community to know what is being said in order to formulate informed opinions and make informed choices.

This is the time for people whose role it is to shape the destiny of this land to move away from propaganda and give clear information to the Gambian people.

The more the leaders speak the facts, the more the presenters will feel secure to invite them to enlighten the nation.


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