Clubs, Restaurants and Football fields are not command and control structures of armies. They are not targets of warfare. They host defenceless civilians whose political loyalties are unknown. They may be pro or anti establishment in a country.

Random killing of innocent people is murder of the highest grade which should outrage the conscience of all human beings.  Injustice will never cure injustice. It would just furl it until all perish in the gates of hell fire. To confront innocent people with death is to play god and to die just to kill them is insanity.

This anger which plagues such mentality which seeks martyrdom by killing innocent people needs to be exorcised. It is impossible to kill a fellow human being unless one refuses to recognise his or her humanity. One must dehumanise a person to have the heart to kill him or her.

How did the killers see their victims before pulling the trigger or detonating the bomb? Why was the victim his enemy?

Why should a person die for causing no personal injury to his or her murderer?

The world should calm down to study obsessions of these  people who perpetrate murder for a cause. This is not religion. It is fetishism involving human sacrifice with the mistaken notion that one is embarked on a spiritual mission. Murder is evil. No one could justify murder. The world should not associate any religion to such murderers. They should focus on the act, the actors and actresses and the victims.

We should all turn to our common humanity for solidarity and consolation so that such brutality would be history. Awakening narrow nationalist sentiments only fuels hatred and revenge not healing and redress.


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