Social Security is established to receive contributions from and for workers. Those who manage its affairs are primarily duty bound to protect the resources of the workers, so that they get their entitlements when they are due. This is the crux of the matter.

At the moment, there is conflict between management and staff. This is a dispute which should be handled in a way and manner, that would not affect the ultimate beneficiaries of the services provided by the institution. Hence the establishment of a committee to inquire into the cause of the dispute and make recommendations, should be accompanied by the presumption of innocence of all sides of the dispute, prior to investigation.

Hence the situation should be kept as normal as possible, before investigation so that the investigators would be able to perform their work without fear or ill-will, to the best interest of the beneficiaries. There should be no sanction before investigation. Otherwise, one would be putting the cart before the horse.

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