Friday, December 6, 2019



There is no doubt that anyone who cares to see or know that something unprecedented is happening in The Gambia. The wind of change is blowing over the country. There is indeed a movement for change.

The never ending queues of transports and huge exuberant crowds filled with joy and hope of a bright future within their grasp that they would not let slip from their hands is now the order of the day. The people had long desired change that they never believed was going to come soon if indeed it does come, but now all of a sudden, they feel that change is within reach.

The people want liberty and prosperity. They want to get out of the economic woes they are now facing and businesses want an enabling environment to function effectively. The people want an end to detention without trial and disappearance without trace, the arbitrary dismissal of civil servants and other public servants, self-exile, interference with the judiciary and other independent and oversight public institutions and so on and so forth. This applies to all and sundry, be they APRC or opposition supporters.

In short the people have spoken in the streets that they want change. They are now to speak more explicitly on December 1 that they want change.

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