a group of people aim to secede from a Republic because of ethnic, regional and other peculiarities, peaceful means should be utilised to resolve such crisis. Any attempt to solve such crisis by violent means would transform Republican military and security forces into armies of occupation and subjugation. This could never enhance national unity, on the contrary it enhances alienation, hostility and war. This is precisely what is happening in Ukraine today. Instead of distancing himself from the policies of the transitional government by proposing a political solution in the form of a federation, confederation or regional autonomy for people in the Eastern Region and vow never to use military force to settle such politically charged territorial claims, he has transformed the Republican army of Ukraine into a force bent on using force to maintain the East under the Central government by force of arms. This is leading to destruction of life and property and the alienation of the people. The carnage should stop and negotiation should begin for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.]]>

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