The days when a silent majority prevails in The Gambia are becoming a matter in the past. Interesting discussions are taking place everywhere. Unfortunately even funerals are being transformed into discussion fora on developments in the country.

It is therefore absolutely essential for more information to be disseminated so that the discussions would be guided by insight rather than share emotions. Know yourself, know the country, know the world has been the clarion call of this paper. Apparently Gambians are responding to this call. People are searching for information more than ever before. Even though rumours are still alive the search for facts appears to be gaining the upper hand.

The electronic media appears to be disseminating divergent views and dissenting opinions like never before. This is the way forward for both the state and non-state media in a democratic and open society.

There is a tendency now for each to blame the other to be the problem of the country in a country where each considers oneself to be wise and accuses the other citizen of being the fool who has impeded the political evolution of the country. The end result is to have a country where no citizen will fit the description of a fool; a country where all citizens are wise cannot be ruled on the basis of impunity. This shows that the future is bright for The Gambia. Let’s keep the debate alive. Let all the shades of opinion contend. Sooner or later the people will be able to make informed choices for the greater good.


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