The National Assembly, the executive and the judiciary are the three most important institutions in the country.

Executive power is moving into the hands of the Coalition supported President-Elect. However, the National Assembly is still in the hands of the APRC. The fact that both the Majority and Minority leaders and the other members of the national assembly are calling for Gambians to take charge of their destiny and ensure a peaceful settlement of an electoral dispute gives hope to all observers that reason, love of nation and people would prevail.

The Gambian people are the owners of power. Those who are public trustees should play by the rules and accept defeat based on the rules. They should not be referees and players at the same time. They should accept the verdict of the referee.

Foroyaa hopes that the National Assembly Members should not stop at praying and hoping for peace. They should seek audience with Outgoing President Yahya Jammeh and Incoming President-Elect Adama Barrow to tell them their peace of mind and prevail on them to settle this matter in peace. This would enable Gambia to give the world a lesson on democratic transition or peaceful transfer of executive power that would earn the country integrity and respect for all times.


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