Opposition parties are supposed to criticise what a ruling party is doing wrong and indicate what it would do right if it was put in its place. The media should transmit the divergent views. All those who are following the political scene would notice that a party like UDP is holding rallies. A party like PDOIS has reached all villages in the country, has held a Congress and is conducting tours and rallies. Discussions have taken place among the opposition to take a common position on electoral reform which witnessed the participation of 6 opposition parties. It is therefore strange that any member of the opposition, especially a minority leader, could be quoted to be criticising other opposition parties for boycotting elections. Only an opposition member who wishes to mislead the media would talk about electoral boycott when everyone is talking about electoral reform and a party has even announced its intension to hold a primary to select its presidential Candidate for 2016. Only those who seek political legitimacy by exploiting political vacuum could continue to criticise other opposition parties instead of speaking for their parties and leave other parties to speak for themselves.  ]]>

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