Wednesday, July 17, 2019



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El Malick Faal

The Revolution of the people continues

Which no retrogressive forces could discontinue

For it draws its strength from the people’s Will

To cure the country of its many ills

It moves along steadily day by day

Smashing all barriers on its way

It bulldozes old structures into dust and clay

And paves further its broad highway

The 2nd  Republic- Republic of Paradox

Autocratic, they claimed to be solid like rocks

They condemned colonialism to demonstrate bravery

As well as the shameful institution of slavery

But we’ve seen here detainees brought before Court of law

To be tried fairly according to law

They clamped metal chains around their feet

As they walked heavily under the heat

Guided, they walked slowly to the court room

Where they feared to face the inevitable Doom

The angry crowd cried: Justice! Justice! Justice!

But where judges are obstructed, there can’t be justice

The 2nd Republic promised us transparency

But instead had given us obscurity

It promised us, day one, accountability

But reserved itself exclusive right to immunity

The 2nd Republic condemned western slavery

Only to introduce Local slavery

They promised to protect Gambia’s good reputation

But plunged it into discredit and isolation

Today, we pay tribute to comrades of the Revolution

When all eyes can see the bright horizon

When after many years in darkness we groped

In search of the gateway to the growing HOPE

To comrade Dayda Hydara, symbol of patriotism

Who was gunned down in the battlefield of journalism

To Chief Manneh and all those who met similar fate

Their dedication to duty must we emulated

The Revolution of the people continues

Which no reactionary forces could discontinue

Its power is the people; author of Change

So no stronger power to turn to, in exchange

The Republic is well set in motion

Driven by the inexhaustible fuel of the revolution

It resolves to work restlessly towards our Destiny

Peace, Progress and Prosperity

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