Sunday, August 18, 2019



Foroyaa would therefore like to share the joys of their families who are united with their loved ones. There is need to adjust to a new life. Some of them may find loved ones who may have abandoned them because of fear that they may never be reunited again. In such cases, there should be understanding and forgiveness. Some may be exposed to family responsibilities without means of income. Such people should not allow frustration to get the better part of them to lead them into perpetrating violence against their children and wives. They should accept the hardship that most Gambians are enduring outside of prison which has given rise to the death of many Gambians at sea as they venture abroad for greener pastures.As the euphoria dissipates and those pardoned come face to face with the realities of life, they should know that another future is possible but must make their choices with maturity and sobriety, calmness and patience .They must never despair. They must be ready to surmount every difficulty to put their lives together.The other side of the coin is that people like Alagie Ceesay are still detained without trial. Family members have also come to Foroyaa to enquire whether we have heard anything about their loved one also. Hence we are compelled to maintain our diary of disappearances without trace until something clear is known about them.Gambia belongs to us. We must continue to be our brother’s and sister’s keepers and give solidarity where it is due to create a better Gambia. ]]>

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