The Coroner’s Act is designed to enable a state to gather evidence on the case of the death of person who is in the custody of the state or dies under condition that requires further inquiry to establish the cause of death. There is absolutely no doubt that the person under detention or imprisonment needs the protection of the state.

In the case of a demonstration, the police or other security outfits may be called upon to quell the demonstration. How this is done could either lead to disperse of the demonstrators or their punishment or shooting which may result in death. The state is required to hold a Coroner’s Inquest to establish the cause of death and then hold a Commission of Inquiry to gather more evidence on developments which may culminate in prosecution.

It should be born in mind that a truth commission is established to seek redress for past injustices. The Faraba Banta Commission is established to establish the facts governing the conflict which claimed three lives. It is anticipated that the recommendations will be designed to educate both the public and the security services for the common good to avert future occurrences. Foroyaa will take its readers through any report from the Commission of Inquiry.

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