crew, insurance cover and air ticket for the Office of the President which received the lion share of the supplementary budget with an allocation amounting to 459 Million Dalasi. It is very clear that what has been approved just for additional travel expenses of the Office of the President is more than the sum allocated to many Ministries . According to the Budget Appropriation Report for 2014, the following allocations were made National Assembly                                                                    63, 126,718 Judiciary                                                                                      64,896,994 Independent Electoral Commission                                             9,218,640 Public Service Commission                                                         4,994,079 National Audit office                                                                               21,353,843 Ministry of Tourism and Culture                                                18,501,822 Ministry of Justice                                                                      46,308.958 Pensions and Gratuities                                                              98,342,649 Ombudsman                                                                               18,311,180 Miscellaneous                                                                  50,420,000 Ministry of Lands & Reg. Government                                      45,879,340   Ministry of Trade.Regional integration and Employment       67,981,727 Ministry of Youth & Sports                                                       36,259,340 Ministry of Environment Parks and Wildlife                           31,065,629 Ministry of information, Communication infrastructure            20,211,598 Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resource                                 37,254,997 Ministry of Energy                                                                    19,759,460 Ministry of Petroleum                                                               11,648,410  ]]>

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