Soldiers rely on coup d’etat to effect change. Protesters rely on mass uprising to effect change. Voters rely on mass support of a candidate to effect change.

The past month witnessed a debate on how the opposition would be able to attract massive support of voters to effect change. 

Coalition building is a tactical instrument which attracted much debate motivating the Youth Parliament to organize a debate over West Coast radio to facilitate such a debate.

However, the programme which was much publicized by Foroyaa did not go off the ground on Thursday, 14 April 2016. Two of the opposition leaders were said to be there but later had to go home when the presenter had to engage in a long discussion with the management of the radio.

In light of the current situation of arrest and detention of the UDP leader and his executive, this major debate is not likely to take place any sooner until the dust settles down.

In the interim, the government, the parties and the people are taking stock.

As this is an election year, all must give sober thinking on the way forward.

Foroyaa will engage stakeholders as efforts unfold to deal with the current crisis in order to prepare for the most important engagement in determining Gambia’s future.


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