Monday, August 19, 2019

The Price of Fertilizer – Clarification


Of late, there have references to the price of fertilizer being reduced from D950 to D700 per bag. NFSC wishes to bring to attention of all stakeholders that the actual reduction is far more than the said level. Taking into consideration the CIF value and local handling and distribution costs, the weighted average market value sale price was D1,555 per bag of 50kg. It was this price that government initially reduced to D950 per bag and lately to D700 per bag.

The Corporation is making this clarification in order to ensure that the actual situation is reported and the stakeholders, especially the farmers, are informed accurately.

This clarification is not in any way intended to influence recent calls for further reduction to the price of the fertilizer; that decision is entirely the prerogative of the Government of The Gambia.


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