Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The President Opens Up


Instead of a state ceremony, President Barrow has decided to open up to media scrutiny by calling a press conference graced by national and international media. Many questions were raised regarding the performance of his government in creating jobs and providing services to improve the quality of life for the citizenry.

He expressed hope that the democratic change will pay dividend in generating investment and jobs. He did not elaborate on how the domestic economy will create investment and jobs. Foroyaa will follow this up in subsequent press conferences.

The other questions dealt with his tenure of office, three or five years’ term limit, and future prospects after the three or five years. According to him when the time comes the people will decide.

In short, President Barrow’s second year will be different from the first one. The first one was based on trial and error. In the second one he is expected to show that he has his hand on the steering wheel and will have to prove and be judged on how he steers the economy and country to enlarge liberty and prosperity. Foroyaa will carry out its oversight role of holding the government accountable to the people of The Gambia.

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