The state is silent on events in the Sarehule speaking communities in URR. Influential members of these communities are moving from place to place to seek advice on how to put an end to an impending crisis due to how the caste system is now seen by those who are seen to belong to an inferior caste.

Elders are in a better position to address traditional or customary issues. It is very significant for scholars among the elders to intervene to explain the many rewards that go along with liberating people considered traditionally to be slaves. In addition to religious scholars educated members of the community who are now holding important positions, nationally and internationally, could influence the younger generation in the villages who are yet to be exposed to human rights provisions in the Constitution and the international conventions which back the exercise of rights. Foroyaa will continue to monitor events in Diabugu and Garawol to determine whether the conflict that has been simmering is contained.

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