The budget for the 2018 financial year of 19.7 billion dalasis comes from taxes, non-tax revenue, grants and budget support. It is important for the Gambian people to know that presidents do not manufacture money nor do they have personal banks to finance development.

A country could give housing loans, car loans, motor bicycle loans and other forms of loans as incentives to employees of the state. A state could also provide maintenance allowances to sustain such facilities as incentives for punctuality and promptness in performing duties. Foroyaa hopes that in the new Gambia the executive will never give the impression that it is maintaining the legislature or the judiciary. Instead it should become abundantly clear that all these three institutions depend on the tax and the non-tax revenues provided by the people for their sustenance.

National Assembly members therefore deserve to be provided with all the accessories they need to serve the nation in an independent and impartial manner without any fear or favour, affection or ill will.

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