No political situation is static. Those who control power and those who seek to control power should constantly give proper reading to the political situation in order to know what it demands.

Demonstrations and processions could be done peacefully or may take violent forms.

What helps to build an open society is when those who hold power and those who wish to hold power co-exist in an environment where governments will seek to administer a country on the basis of constitutions and standards of best practice while those who seek to replace them are free to seek the mandate of the people without fear or restriction.

What is needed at this moment is to read the fluid political situation in the Gambia currently in order to avert further deterioration into a tense atmosphere which would pit the security forces against unarmed civilians.

This would only breed more injuries and more atrocities.

Truncheons and tear gas could only cause injury and ill health to a defenceless group of civilians.

Hence every effort should be undertaken to contain further deterioration.


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