th April 1970 is the birth of the first Republic, but there is no official commemoration of the day. 16 January is the birth of the Second Republic, but there is no commemoration of the day. 22 July was a coup against Jawara but instead of calling for a National Conference to put in place a transitional administration that would have overseen the restoration of an elected government which would preside over constitutional and institutional reform to create a more democratic society, the coup makers decided to establish a quasi monarchy which abolished the Republic and democratic institutions for two years. This was marked by abrogation of the supremacy of the constitution and the assertion of the supremacy of decrees. Now, school children and their teachers are being asked to contribute to hold the commemoration of a coup d’état. Could the government explain what type of values it is trying to teach the students of the country? The donations from schools should be halted and monies already collected should be returned to be used to buy school materials or pay the fees of disadvantaged children. This is the way to teach the values of caring and sharing to children.  ]]>

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