When the IEC issued a notice in the Gazette dated 15th June 2015 that it has demarcated Kombo North, Kombo Central, Serre Kunda East and Serre Kunda Central to increase the number of constituencies from 48 to 53, we indicated that its actions flouted Section 88 of the Constitution which restricted the number of Constituencies to 48. We emphasised that there could be no demarcation of constituencies without constitutional amendment.

Amendments require publications in the Gazette for a period of at least three months and ten days before the Bill is introduced in the National Assembly.

Now a Bill has been introduced which seeks to amend Section 88 of the Constitution to indicate that the National Assembly shall comprise at least 53 constituencies. Once this Bill is assented to by the President, it would become law.

Hence the IEC would be able to proceed with its demarcation.


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