Thursday, July 18, 2019



If the New Gambia is to become a reality we must build a republican army and security forces. What does that mean?

Sankara once said, “A soldier without political education is a virtual criminal.” Such a remark from a soldier should be taken seriously and understood by all soldiers and members of the security forces in a republic. A politically educated soldier and member of the security forces would be fully aware that The Gambia is a sovereign republic, meaning that it should not be under the domination of any foreign power or state.

Secondly the person would be aware that sovereignty resides in the people of The Gambia, meaning that they should not be subjected to the domination of any monarch or tyrant and are endowed with rights and freedoms which should be respected and protected by all authorities including the power that determines who should manage their affairs.

A politically educated soldier and member of the security forces would be ready to protect and defend the unity of the sovereign people and the equal rights of all to live in liberty, dignity and prosperity, irrespective of ethno-linguistic origin, gender or any other status. A politically educated soldier or member of the security forces will not entertain any member of the army or security forces on the basis of ethno-linguistic origin, religion, gender or class but would promote unity of all members on the basis of sovereign citizenship and the unalloyed love for country and people, irrespective of diversity in nature or opinion. It is such a soldier or member of the security forces who would be able to protect the country, its people and their properties under a climate of peace which could engender liberty and prosperity. Gambia deserves such a soldier and member of the security forces.

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