Monday, February 17, 2020

The Negotiation For Public Space Has Commenced


Everybody claims that the media in particular and civil society in general enjoy new status after the change of government on 2nd December 2016. While there is a proliferation of media houses and views are being expressed like never before the exercise of freedom of assembly has not gone on without unfortunate incidents, such as deaths and injuries.

In order to avoid this there is need for open dialogue between civil society organisations, the media and the security forces in order to determine how the public space is to be managed for the peace exercise of freedom of assembly. The inter-party committee should be responsible for pioneering the discussion with civil society on how the political space is be to managed to enable all political parties in particular and civil society in general to avoid conflict in its use.

Who is to occupy public space for what purpose and what time requires public management of public space. All Gambians should begin to engage in a public debate on how public space is to be managed to enlarge and protect the exercise of rights in a harmonious manner. This is the challenge of democratic governance and democratic citizenship.

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