Friday, August 23, 2019

The Need To Turn The Reform Agenda Into Practice


In the old Gambia, people were outraged by bad Governance, characterised by detention for years without trial, disappearances without trace and torture to get evidence under duress all in the name of foiling security threats. FOROYAA maintained a diary of such happenings and would not want to see the same records under a new Gambia.  Hence members of the Law enforcement and security sector should bear in mind that whatever is done to a human being cannot be secret. Sooner or later it will become public. Hence the best form of behaviour is to do things that would not need to be hidden.  

We need law enforcement and Security forces who are committed to the values of democracy and the Republic and the due process of law without breach; forces that have zero tolerance for coercion and using any repressive means against any Gambian in particular and human beings at large.

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