Section 81 (1) of the Constitution states among other things that “Where the Vice President or a Secretary of State has been charged with responsibility for any department of the Government, he or she shall exercise general direction and control over that department,…” Hence, when a Minister travels another Minister should be given the mandate to oversee the Ministry. If this is not the case Ministries could be at a standstill while a Minister is outside the country unless officials exist who are proactive and do decide to step in to protect the integrity of their ministries. This however puts the life of people at the mercy of chance. Institutions are not supposed to function on the basis of chance. They should operate on the basis of rules and regulations administered by people with clear terms of reference. The Secretary General should visit the Police Headquarters. It would not be a surprise to discover that the in the absence of the Inspector General of Police there is no Deputy IG to act in his place. Is this the way a country should be administered? We leave the public to reply.    ]]>

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