On the 20 July 2015 ex-president Jammeh’s government enacted the Elections (Amendment) Act 2015 which made it a requirement among other things for political parties to pay one million dalasi and have ten thousand members to be registered by the IEC to function as a party.

Prior to the amendment, the fee was D500 whilst the number of registered members was 500. Furthermore, the candidates are required by the amendment to pay a deposit of D500,000 to stand as a candidate for presidential election, D50,000 to stand as National Assembly member, D50,000 for mayoral election and D10,000 for council election.

Prior to the amendment, contestants had to give a deposit of D10,000 for presidential elections, D5,000 for national assembly elections, D2,500 for mayoral election and D1250 for council elections.

There is demand for such provisions to be repealed. This may be the most progressive move by the National Assembly after annulling the state of emergency.


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