tops that it is a crime against humanity,     elderly men and women as well as youths who are related to the insurgents were picked up at odd hours and taken to destinations unknown to their family members and imprisoned without any charge. This is exactly what happened during slavery. People who were abducted had no rights. They were at the mercy of their abductors. They were deprived of freedom and were held in captivity against their will. One would have expected that the National Assembly would hold a session to discuss the problem of detention without trial and disappearance without trace as a crime against humanity which needs to be stopped and redressed. We therefore hope that the National Assembly would do justice to their mandate and dwell on what is of concern to Gambians in the twenty first century. Once they put an end to all forms of violation of rights and make the Gambian people the freest people on earth then they would have the moral authority to be the spokespersons of the African people and Nation and to indict colonialism and slavery. As long as a single Gambian or human being is in detention without trial the state has no moral authority to indict anyone for committing crimes against humanity.]]>

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