Foroyaa is investigating allegations of what led to the closure of  Nasir Ahmadiyaa Senior Secondary School during the President’s tour of the URR. The victims are still tight lipped making it difficult for us to publish what we are yet to confirm from them.

It is the duty of the police to protect life and property and ensure public order. The greatest mistake one could commit is to take the law into one’s own hand thinking that one is above the law.

Many people had taken this path before and when their impunity provoked public outrage they were disposed of by the powers that be.

People should not assume that once people claim to be linked to this or that authority they are above the law . Many people have had the experience of claiming to be close to this or that authority by blood or party relation but ended being dumped in the Central prisons.

Some people become drunk with power when they are associated with power. They become arrogant and off-putting and thus isolate the very forces they support.

Hence, it is important for the Principal of the School to report any act of trespass to the police for investigation. This is the only way to stop impunity. To accept impunity in silence is to promote it.



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