Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Local Government Election In Focus


The Country is moving towards its final electoral cycle. The Presidential Election was the decisive one. Few Gambians would have imagined that the Country under the Jammeh administration would change through the ballot box.  However, the right tactics and strategies were adopted to effect change. The expectation was to give Gambia a new start. This gave the change an inclusive character,

The National Assembly Election was the second phase of the electoral cycle. People are still trying to study the implication of having a National Assembly with many party representatives. As the National Assembly carries out its legislative and oversight functions, the public would be able to detect whether party affiliation would have impact on the trend of the debate and voting pattern of the National Assembly members.

The Local Government Election is the final phase. Councils are revenue earning entities which should deliver development. Hence those who manage the affairs of Councils must have the competence to help communities to keep streets clean, waste properly disposed of; markets, roads, garages, recreational facilities and other social amenities well-built and generate jobs and income at the community level.

The debate should now begin on what type of local government administration the country is going to have. The Executive needs a local government administration that will be able to deliver, if it is to be successful in bringing about development. It should therefore remain impartial in local government elections and ask the population to vote for those who would be able to deliver comprehensive and holistic development for the people.


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