Musa Ngum was born in the Gamhia but died and was buried in Touba,
Senegal.  He was not a praise singer trying to raise millions from
patrons. He was a teacher who gave lessons through his music. He fought Afro pessimism by indicating that no race or nationality had
monopoly over knowledge. He narrated many inventions which originated
from the African continent and called on African youths to be
themselves and to believe in themselves.
Musa refused to be conventional in his way of life.  His style of
dressing attracted comments at sight. However, it does not take long
to discover in a conversation that appearance is not a fair basis to
judge the value of a human being.
Musa never allowed those who perform with him to go untendered. One
could remember an incident when Musa performed at a festival and
shared the money among his team and was left with little for himself.
He therefore did not accumulate much wealth and did not have rich
patrons to finance him.He lived a life of dignity and humility and
will forever be remembered as the musician who called on youths to
live for a purpose in life and have an identity of their own.

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