The 2016 – 2018 electoral cycle has reached its climax. The Gambian people did bring about change through the ballot box in peace and tranquility despite threats of violent conflict that most expected by 1 December 2016.

Despite the fragmentation of the coalition on partisan and subtle regional and ethno-linguistic lines to contest the councillorship elections, the outcome of the National Assembly elections did bring about an institution whose members are becoming fully conscious that they would lose their seats in the next election if they do not put national interest before partisan and personal interests.

It is also evident that the councils are going to be subjected to more intense scrutiny as never before and anyone who believes that one would be able to transform the council  into a honeycomb so as to enjoy the fruits of office at the expense of the people would be greatly disappointed.

The outcome of the mayoral or chairpersonship election would reveal the level of consciousness of the voters of The Gambia in preparation for the next electoral cycle. What type of Gambian will be alive to build The Gambia of the future will be determined by the results of the mayoral/chairpersonship elections.

Each reader should take stock of oneself and be ready to reveal the type of citizen one is through one’s participation or non-participation in the election. You must be ready to live in The Gambia that you have decided to construct with your vote.   

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