When does a government commence to use the language of impunity? The answer is simple. It starts when its authorities are heard saying that “we will set examples”, “we will teach them a lesson.”

A government which adheres to the rule of law will have authorities who will allow due process to take its course; authorities who will tamper justice with mercy. A change of government requires a change of language; hence law enforcement authorities who preside over the affairs of the state should be seen to be independent and impartial in the execution of their state functions.

It is anticipated that the new government will eradicate these things of the past which were brought by the excessive use of the influence of the state such as the police, the armed forces, the NIA and so on. Foroyaa strongly recommends that the political tensions between members of the opposition APRC will not lead to endless politically motivated trials.

Gambia at this stage needs a smooth transition characterized by tolerance of diversity and respect for the rights of each to belong to the political party of one’s choice.

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