He has a history. However that history is immaterial until he is charged with a crime. We have received explanation from the GAF PRO indicating that he is a military man. The wife has also informed us that her husband is a civilian. She has explained the same history of the man as the PRO alluded in his explanation.

According to Gambian law a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Furthermore no crime can be alleged until a person is charged. Detention for 72 hours without charge or appearance before a court is unlawful. In that respect also it is unreasonable and unjustifiable. The new Gambia should not condone such an act.

We are therefore calling on the authorities to give a fresh look at the detention without trial of Bunja Nyassi. It should be born in mind that many prisoners including the Farafenni attackers were pardoned. Hence it is very significant for the current administration to have relevant evidence to hold anyone in custody and try such a person.


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