Suppose everyone remains quiet when the executive order was issued for
women in offices to cover their heads with head ties, many would have
been protesting in secret away from the ears of the executive.Praise singers would have clouded the atmosphere and the wrong
impression would have been given that the women of the Gambia are
happy with the decision.
A person whose decisions could affect the life of millions should not
be hasty in making them and should not do so without consultation with
It leads to endless retraction of decisions which undermines public
confidence and trust in leadership.
Leaders who swear to defend constitutions should rely on its
provisions and principles to make policies. This is the only way to
avoid impunity. Full adherence to the rule of law leads to consistency
and predictability in governance. Impunity leads to inconsistency and
unpredictability in governance.
Impunity has no place in a Republic where the sovereignty of the
people should prevail.

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