Nuclear weapons did not prevent many US troops dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel has nuclear weapons but it could not deter the missiles from Gaza and Lebanon. The deterrent effect of nuclear weapons is very much exaggerated. The risk of a devastating accident makes nuclear weapon technology a potential cause of a human made disaster. Iran has nothing to lose by giving up weapon potential. Before the Iran nuclear deal the Middle East was at the brink of a long and devastating war. With a nuclear Iran and an adventurous Nethanyahu a war was imminent which would have drawn Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine into the regional conflict. The gulf states also would not remain aloof. The Nuclear deal now avails Iran the opportunity to use its oil revenue to improve the lives of its citizenry. Nethanyahu would be deprived of any pretext to Launch a strike against Iran which would have marked the beginning of a regional war which would have given respite to ISIS. A full fledged war in the Middle East by narrow nationalist forces would devastate the whole world economy and increase suicide bombing all over the world. Obama’s rapprochement with Cuba and now Iran indicate the pathway for world peace and security in the 21st Century. Countries should compete to show which one could provide more liberty and prosperity to the people. Foroyaa will examine the factors which gave birth to the deal and its implication for world peace.  ]]>

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