presidency by making term limit as principle of democratic governance. History is therefore leaving Gambia and Togo behind. Two symbolic realities were featured at the ECOWAS Summit. First and foremost, outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan represented Nigeria, even though he lost an election, because of the fact that he has not handed over power yet as dictated by the Nigerian Constitution. Hence, there is no basis of animosity between the incoming and outgoing president. Both are taught that they do not own power but are mere public trustees who are to serve on the basis of the consent of the people. The second reality is the election of President Macky Sall as Chairman of ECOWAS to complement his decision to reduce the Presidential term and adhere to the two term limit. This confirms that the era of the long term Presidency is coming to an end. Leaders who are bent on staying in office for their life time face the risk of being left behind by history.]]>

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