Friday, July 19, 2019

The Government Appears To Be Taking Steps Foroyaa Will Follow Very Closely To Keep The Public Informed


It was the objective of the government to establish an agency for sustainable economic development as a think tank. However after the announcement the public failed to see any move to that effect.

Now the National Think Tank has been established.. Foroyaa will find out whether it will become an independent statutory agency or a task force under the executive.

The government promised to come up with a development blue print to guide its plans and programmes.

We are informed that the president will address the national assembly on 14 July to put across government plans in that direction. Agriculture is seen as a major source of food security.  Processing is considered to be indispensable if employment is to be generated.

It is however not clear whether government is going to put capital in the hands of the youth, family farms, and cooperatives to ensure medium scale agricultural production and processing or leave both to large scale investors.

The debate is yet to unfold on how youth employment and adequate income generation are to be effected. The future will tell.


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