The democratic experiment in The Gambia is gaining momentum. When the initiative to introduce primaries to select one presidential candidate for the opposition was taken, it was seen as a child’s play, a waste of time and resources. Nonetheless, one candidate – Adama Barrow – was elected at a convention and who was eventually elected president of The Gambia.

Banjul has done what a capital city should do. It has initiated a democratic experiment. A number of candidates have shown interest in contesting the three seats in Banjul but there has been no imposition of candidates from above, on the contrary, primaries are being organized to get the electorate to select their own candidates and if the process is transparent, free and fair there is no doubt that such a candidate will stand high chance of sweeping the polls.

Needless to say, such democratic dispensation can free itself from abuse and manipulation if the electorate own themselves and select on the basis of the merit quality of the candidate and not on the basis of sentiments or pecuniary benefit.


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