humankind? How could his abductors win anybody to what they believe in.  Believers are ambassadors of their faiths. What they do on behalf of their faiths would either attract people to their faith or turn them against the faith. Could one imagine how the mother who brought her into this world felt when she gathered that her son has been beheaded? The Organisation of Islamic Conference which comprises 57 member states and claims to speak for the Islamic Umma should hold a special conference to address this issue of murdering innocent people in broad day light because of the refusal of their governments to pay ransom money. This constitutes a crime against humanity that no religious person or humanist could justify. Those who take the time to show kindness to travellers and hostages, who are separated  from their own family members, are true ambassadors of their religions or beliefs. Those who treat the weak without mercy are untrue to their faiths and beliefs. Those who murder their fellow human beings with impunity when they are taught that there is no compulsion in religion should not be called Islamic extremists or fundamentalists. An Islamic extremist or fundamentalist would adhere strictly to the fundamentals of the religion which include commitment not to compel anyone to join the faith or commit murder because of failure to receive ransom. They should be described as murderers. ]]>

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