Koina is a famous village in The Gambia which is now developing into a town. It is very common for Gambians to describe the length and breadth of the country by describing the distance between Kartong and Koina.

However recent events in Koina appear to be revealing deep seated divisions on the basis of social status which needs to be revisited in order for harmony and peace to be consolidated. We have emphasised that clarity and sincerity are indispensable tools of representation and governance.

Literate people from the area should take note of the realities of the new contract among Gambian citizens to produce a modern republican constitution that would restrain tyranny and finally uproot it while enlarging the freedom of all Gambian citizens and those who are resident in the country.

Hence scholars of all types should galvanise and go around to discuss with the people in the area so that they would know that the new citizen of The Gambia should be born who could put the past behind us, draw lessons from it so that we could shape a more united future. This is the spirit for nurturing the New Gambian who would be capable of building the New Gambia.

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