The greatest weakness of the Jammeh administration is it’s reliance on official secrecy to evade public scrutiny.

Every official operated on the basis of Executive Order and placed regulations aside. In that sense, transparency and accountability became the casualty.

In it’s bid for Public Service Reform, the new Government must show the difference in administration by repealing the Official Secrecy Act and replace it with a Freedom of Information Act so that Public Servants would respond to public concerns at all times, to allay fears.

The more media friendly public servants are, the more transparent and accountable the Government would become.

The Public is waiting for new Government officials and Public Servants who would be willing to clarify every aspect of their service to the public without fear or favour, affection or ill-will. This is the only way to distinguish the past from the present.

Will there be transparency and accountability as expected by Gambians at home and in the Diaspora? The future will tell. The Media will be the witnesses and posterity will be the judge.


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