Foroyaa has been counseling those who govern to distinguish
politically motivated cases from criminal cases.
There can be no government without political opponents and differencesbetween them. The differences may even take hostile forms. However,
every mature government must find amicable ways of resolving such
The more democratic a government, the more tolerant it becomes of the
conduct of its opponents. It is such tolerance which gives it greater
latitude in solving differences through dialogue, rather than
trampling opponents underfoot through coercion.
We are repeating over and over again that the best way to handle the
incidents of 14 and 16 April would be to treat them as political rather
than criminal issues. If that was done, the situation being confronted
today which led to the severe injury of Kekuta Sanneh and a policeman
may have never happened.
We therefore hope that justice will be tempered with magnanimity by
discharging those involved with the two incidents.

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