The debate regarding the future of The Gambia has started. Many people are questioning whether those in whose hands the decision making powers of the country rest are actually doing enough to make every Gambian, at home and abroad, feel that they are part of the country. Many argue that the reason why they supported change is to open up The Gambia to a new start so that Gambians in and out of the country would want to be part of the reconstruction process so that each contributes ones quota in moving the country forward.

The question now is how one is to participate if one wants to. The Diaspora is expecting constitutional changes that would lead to participation in elections. They are hoping to be involved in any constitutional, institutional and administrative reforms and national reconciliation. It is important to have everybody on board in such a transition process.

Let us see what President Barrow will tell the National Assembly on 14 July on the way forward. Inclusiveness is what brought him into office and inclusiveness and a determination to combat self-perpetuating rule is what will enable him to leave a legacy.

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