Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Civil Servants And Security Of Tenure


Civil servants are supposed to have security of tenure. They are supposed to work up to pensionable age. They are not supposed to be victimized by any authority. This is clearly stipulated under section 169 subsection (1) of the Constitution:

“(1) No public servant shall be –

(a)      victimised or discriminated against either directly or indirectly for having discharged his or

her duties faithfully and according to law;

(b)     be removed from office or reduced in rank or otherwise punished without just cause.

(2)     In this section, “public servant” means a person holding an office in a public service, a person in

the service of a local government authority, and a person in the service of a Public Enterprise.”

It is therefore very clear that no authority has power to unilaterally remove civil servants from their posts and downgrade them in rank. Anybody who suffers such a fate has power to go to court to seek redress.

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