Consequently, young people are also adopting their role models. It is common to find young people tearing pieces of cloth and rolling them to look like amulets which they put on their arms to prepare themselves for combat. They also repeat the most mysterious stories of how one champion defeated another by conducting some mystical things near grave yards. This is the type of education, socialisation and culture which is being perpetuated in a twenty first century world of computers and cybernetics. As the nostalgia for wrestling is kept alive, schools will soon organise their championships and children would be divided into ethnic wrestlers with ethnic drummers and medicine men which has the potential to fan ethnic support basis and loyalties. In this era of enlightenment and the sovereignty of the people, we need to help our children to be thinkers, inventors and builders of a self-reliant nation with a united people who find happiness in living a life of prosperity in liberty and dignity which would be reinforced by positive music, sports and other artistic expressions.]]>

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