Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Jallow

A Land commission is established to look into land disputes that are not before the courts. Some disputes however have gone through District Tribunals and appeals are before the courts.

As the supervisor of the court system the Chief Justice may enhance the proper administration of the courts by convening meetings with judges to discuss the need for efficiency, transparency and probity in the discharge of their functions especially when it comes to the issue of property rights and other human rights these are matters that can be taken to the Ecowas court.

The courts are courts of rights. They are the final line of defence, a place of last resort for the protection of rights. No person with legitimate entitlements should come out of the courts with tears in one’s eyes. The courts are meant to dry the tears of those with legitimate entitlements. This is the only way it can contribute to the consolidation of a just order and implant in the heart of the people that they have a country they own where justice guides the action of every administrator of the law.

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